When should I raise money for my startup?

A few days ago, I met two entrepreneurs with bright minds and a great idea. They started working on their venture two months ago and told me they had visited a VC investor out of curiosity who told them, “Listen guys, the cyberspace is hot; if you want to get an investment, it will be super easy, and you should do that immediately.” Of course they were extremely pleased and left the meeting with a clear agenda: let’s raise some […]

Why You Should Use Administrative Services From Day 1

I remember the first days of 6Scan, a company Nitzan (my partner) and I founded, more than 50 percent of our time was dealing with tasks that need to be done for the company but doesn’t push forward the business nor technology – Logistics, from office rent to dealing with spam mail someone has to do it and it’s very time consuming. Most first timers have assumptions about administrative services and I think it’s a good time to confront them: […]

How To Take Advantage Of Tech Skills In Business

These days, most entrepreneurs who have founded their own startups have very strong technical backgrounds—they are ninjas with black belts in turning ideas into products. In fact, at the very beginning of the startup, they don’t need just to build their product, they also need to do a lot of business work that they may not be familiar with. That’s where their technical skills can actually be incredibly beneficial. Over the years I’ve faced business challenges, which I overcame using […]

How To Give Away Equity And Stay Alive

For some reason, over the past three weeks I bumped into three different entrepreneurs who put their equity into a fortress, 100K feet underground, with 16 guards attached to an atomic bomb. If you read the previous sentence and thought that’s a reasonable precaution to save the company’s identity and keep control, I’m glad you’re reading this post. Just a quick reality check: you can keep all the company’s equity to yourself, but you’ll have zero progress and revenues. Learn […]

How To Generate Motivation

If I had to choose only one characteristic to possess, I would choose optimism. It’s the strongest action engine I know and use in my everyday life. The way I see it, optimism is a realistic view on a certain situation and the understanding that there is more than one way to deal with any problem. Optimism helps us acknowledge the fact that many times we might fail to execute our plans, but we can learn from that failure and […]

How To Find Your Next Startup Idea

A huge whiteboard filled with words such as “social,” “security,” “CRM,” “developers,” and “enterprise” — that’s how it began: our search for the next startup idea. To tell you the truth, the whiteboard didn’t really help. Actually, it was a waste of time, but it did help us understand what works and what doesn’t. I’ve seen entrepreneurs use a lot of methods to generate ideas. Sadly, there’s no way to ensure you’ll end up with a revolutionary idea. But there […]

5 Guidelines For Better Startup Pitching

Almost every day I participate in a review of startups looking for investment. This experience has given me additional perspectives on what works and catches an investor’s heart and what is just badly put and creates antagonism. It’s tough to criticize someone else’s vision and dream, but as I learned for myself, it’s highly important to do so and gives the entrepreneur a real chance to put their vision to the test and get feedback. I remember the first time […]

Dummy Features And How To Use Them

Lots of times during our product development we face the question, “What’s the next feature that will be most valuable to our customers?” or “What feature do our customers want and don’t have?” Those questions are hard to answer and are most often answered by good analytics that you extract from the product itself, from customers, or by running gut-feeling A/B tests. We take the “lean startup” concept very seriously and believe that you must have a good MVP (minimal […]

Find Yourself A Mentor

Take a few minutes and ask yourself if you have someone in your life with whom you can share the dilemmas, worries and situations you face during your startup journey. If the answer is YES, this post will remind you why it’s so important to have that someone, that mentor. If the answer is NO, I really hope you’ll be eager to find one after reading this post. The way I define a mentor is a person who gives you […]

Pick Your Hat

Last week we had Open Startup day, where more than 50 startups opened their doors and let everyone who was interested in the startup scene come and visit, hear presentations and get a feeling of startups. During the Q&A I said that investors value teams by trying to understand the value of each individual on the team to determine whether that’s the right team for the right company. One of the visitors asked me, “Is it necessary to have a […]