How To Take Advantage Of Tech Skills In Business

These days, most entrepreneurs who have founded their own startups have very strong technical backgrounds—they are ninjas with black belts in turning ideas into products. In fact, at the very beginning of the startup, they don’t need just to build their product, they also need to do a lot of business work that they may not be familiar with. That’s where their technical skills can actually be incredibly beneficial. Over the years I’ve faced business challenges, which I overcame using […]

How To Generate Motivation

If I had to choose only one characteristic to possess, I would choose optimism. It’s the strongest action engine I know and use in my everyday life. The way I see it, optimism is a realistic view on a certain situation and the understanding that there is more than one way to deal with any problem. Optimism helps us acknowledge the fact that many times we might fail to execute our plans, but we can learn from that failure and […]

Find Yourself A Mentor

Take a few minutes and ask yourself if you have someone in your life with whom you can share the dilemmas, worries and situations you face during your startup journey. If the answer is YES, this post will remind you why it’s so important to have that someone, that mentor. If the answer is NO, I really hope you’ll be eager to find one after reading this post. The way I define a mentor is a person who gives you […]

Are You Afraid of Speaking In Another Language? READ THIS!

Splash news: my mother language is Hebrew. In the past few years, however, I’ve needed to speak English almost daily with board members, customers, and other entrepreneurs. I admit, I have tried to avoid it as much as possible. I was afraid of sounding silly or of not being understandable to the other side. In every situation, I thought, “Thank god my partner is an American; he can handle all the English conversations.” But then one day, two years ago, […]

Motivational Signs – It Works!

OK, before you raise your eyebrows and enter ‘skeptic mode’, I need you to come out from behind the protective wall you’ll have built after reading motivational books like “How to achieve your goals in 5 minutes”. I want to share with you my experience of the little reminders that I spread around myself, which help me keep doing the things and achieving the goals I really want. One of my goals was to get into shape: although I’m pretty […]