How To Give Away Equity And Stay Alive

For some reason, over the past three weeks I bumped into three different entrepreneurs who put their equity into a fortress, 100K feet underground, with 16 guards attached to an atomic bomb. If you read the previous sentence and thought that’s a reasonable precaution to save the company’s identity and keep control, I’m glad you’re reading this post. Just a quick reality check: you can keep all the company’s equity to yourself, but you’ll have zero progress and revenues. Learn […]

Are You Afraid of Speaking In Another Language? READ THIS!

Splash news: my mother language is Hebrew. In the past few years, however, I’ve needed to speak English almost daily with board members, customers, and other entrepreneurs. I admit, I have tried to avoid it as much as possible. I was afraid of sounding silly or of not being understandable to the other side. In every situation, I thought, “Thank god my partner is an American; he can handle all the English conversations.” But then one day, two years ago, […]