5 Guidelines For Better Startup Pitching

Almost every day I participate in a review of startups looking for investment. This experience has given me additional perspectives on what works and catches an investor’s heart and what is just badly put and creates antagonism. It’s tough to criticize someone else’s vision and dream, but as I learned for myself, it’s highly important to do so and gives the entrepreneur a real chance to put their vision to the test and get feedback. I remember the first time […]

Be Social And I Don’t Mean By Clicking On LIKE In Facebook

Yesterday I attended a fundraising review for a startup. During the presentation I just wanted to pull my hair out because of the rudeness and inconsiderate attitude of the guy who gave the presentation: I was amazed how that guy reacted during the whole presentation. For example, he commented on the size of his team, which seemed to have too many people without clear positions. Then he rolled his eyes, gave a look of cancellation and his short and immediate […]