Why You Should Use Administrative Services From Day 1

I remember the first days of 6Scan, a company Nitzan (my partner) and I founded, more than 50 percent of our time was dealing with tasks that need to be done for the company but doesn’t push forward the business nor technology – Logistics, from office rent to dealing with spam mail someone has to do it and it’s very time consuming. Most first timers have assumptions about administrative services and I think it’s a good time to confront them: […]

How To Find Your Next Startup Idea

A huge whiteboard filled with words such as “social,” “security,” “CRM,” “developers,” and “enterprise” — that’s how it began: our search for the next startup idea. To tell you the truth, the whiteboard didn’t really help. Actually, it was a waste of time, but it did help us understand what works and what doesn’t. I’ve seen entrepreneurs use a lot of methods to generate ideas. Sadly, there’s no way to ensure you’ll end up with a revolutionary idea. But there […]

3 Ice Breakers For Conferences

You have finally arrived at the conference you’ve been waiting for so you can come to hunt your targeted partners, investors, or who knows—perhaps the love of your life—now what? Well, if you did a decent job with your background check and listed all the interesting people you’d like to speak with, you are pretty much ready. But what about the hidden opportunities you have in conferences to speak with people you don’t already know?  I have listed three favorite […]

Be Social And I Don’t Mean By Clicking On LIKE In Facebook

Yesterday I attended a fundraising review for a startup. During the presentation I just wanted to pull my hair out because of the rudeness and inconsiderate attitude of the guy who gave the presentation: I was amazed how that guy reacted during the whole presentation. For example, he commented on the size of his team, which seemed to have too many people without clear positions. Then he rolled his eyes, gave a look of cancellation and his short and immediate […]

It’s All About Location, Location And Location

Today as I was walking down the street, I suddenly came across an old friend who was looking to join a start-up as technical co-founder. An hour earlier, I had met an entrepreneur who was searching for that exact type of person. The result? A perfect match and a lasting business partnership (or possibly a business disaster, followed by me getting yelled at by my old friend…). After meeting that guy, I was a ten-minute walk from my house when […]