Dummy Features And How To Use Them

Lots of times during our product development we face the question, “What’s the next feature that will be most valuable to our customers?” or “What feature do our customers want and don’t have?” Those questions are hard to answer and are most often answered by good analytics that you extract from the product itself, from customers, or by running gut-feeling A/B tests. We take the “lean startup” concept very seriously and believe that you must have a good MVP (minimal […]

You Are Blind Without Analytics

So you’ve got a great product that you’ve been working on for a while, now you want to launch it and win the jackpot. How will you know if it rocks, sucks or is totally ignored by your customers? You must have analytics! And when I say analytics I mean in every part of your product – the website, web application and mobile app – you must have the ability to analyze and understand how a user reacts when using […]